Greece problems become Europe’s problems

March 16, 2010

EU finance ministers agreed on Tuesday as expected, the Greek recovery program after review of the Eurogroup on Monday evening. How has it meant to solve all the other countries that now comes with its problems, Spain and Ireland to begin with, there is probably more countries in Eurpa Union, which has the same problem. This is the beginning of the euro currency basis. I personally believe in a very weak euro currency in 2011



March 13, 2010

This is a headset and a internet phone. The phone is produced and is sold in several european countrys, the headset is on its way. Both products has Swedish patents and what i hope to find is a producer in plastic or electronic field that are willing to sell my products to the customers.


March 10, 2010

Gun bore (kal/ga 12) cleaning in 10 seconds!

The Shotgunsystem is a revolution in gun bore cleaning!

Thousands of demanding hunters and sport shooters in several countries are using the system today, including the Swedish national sportshooting team (clay targets).

The system is the perfect solution to your bore cleaning problems:

Super fast, effective and moisture absorbent
Small and light (stores in a shirt pocket).
Works without chemicals (when frequently used)
Easier and safer (no broken rods or stuck patches)
No exposed metal parts to the bore
Economical and environmental friendly (washable and reusable).
The system is a design protected high quality product, hand made in Sweden. For more information, please contact us

Europe and its currency

March 10, 2010

Euro currency reverses and the question is how far down it will drop according to problems in Greece and Spain. Greece has overvalued its assets and created a restless European currency, I think the currency goes down 20-25% until 2011, an apparent right score. Much depends on how other EU countries will react, for example the Spanish property market will be in 2010 but there is much to reverse the market right now.

People from England do not buy more and are away from Spain and there are people only from Norway , Sweden and Denmark who can buy properties in Spain. Many of these buyers are also interested to buy property in Thailand and other countries outside Europe and many just waiting for the price should drop.

I believe the prices may fall by 50% compared with the maximum prices year 2006 and If prices and the currency goes down to those levels which I think is the right level, many can start to buy property in Spain again.

Look at:

Aircushions for sustainable airspACEs

March 8, 2010

The Aircushions for sustainable airspACEs/ACE is a Swedish patent which creates benefits of airspaces in all types of constructions on land and at sea (houses, offices, bridges, tunnels, cabel tunnels, wells, floating pontons, boats, ships, vessels). By taking away the free air in the airspaces and replace it with ”inactive air” you’ll get many advantages as: – isolation – moistretarding and therefore rust-, corossion- och mouldretarding – some level of fireprotection (in the airspace) – strikeretarding – more floatingpower (at sea) There’s about 175.000 houses only in Sweden that has probelms with moist. We’re saving 3 M (Man, Milieu och Materiel) ACE is environment and working environment friendly (no fibres in the air), completely water excluding and oil permanent. The ACEs is an investment and causes no running costs. On the contrary you’ll save energy.

Quick start for Saab

March 6, 2010

Quick start for Saab’s new electric car Yesterday shocked Saab automotive industry with the announcement that an electric car is released for sale in December. – Within one year we will be in the forefront, “says Mats Fägerhag, technical director at Saab. Saab needs to raise money loaned to the business and must promise of new technologies in order to collect money ….. now begin the journey we will never forget.


March 6, 2010

A new type of keyboard suitable for a variety of electrical enhter, granted patents in the U.S. and Europe. A new type of keyboard suitable for a variety of electrical enhter, granted patents in the U.S. and Europe. Zipel E-diary is called the freezer is equipped with a 10-inch touch screen. It can both send and receive pictures from mobile phones.

Here’s the freezer that can surf the web

March 6, 2010

 Now you can forget about the old refrigerator magnets. With built-in Internet in the freezer, you can send SMS messages directly into images freezer door. It is Samsung which has announced a freezer with built-in Internet. A screen on the front of the freezer can view both pictures and recipes. Zipel E-diary is called the freezer is equipped with a 10-inch touch screen. It can both send and receive pictures from mobile phones.

camera stabilizer

March 5, 2010

The main function of the camera stabilizer is to make it possible for the user to walk and run with the camera without this resulting in unsteady pictures. In my experience this makes filming much more fun and natural. The camera stabilizer can also be used for filming from special angles and as a support resting against your body or any other stable object. Another important feature is that it is easy to fold up and put into a backpack or camera-bag. Thanks to the many ways of configuring the stabilizer, it can be adapted to suit a variety of situations.

Pitch your game idea – get $ 1 million

March 5, 2010

Do you have a good game idea? Now you can get 7 million for it. If you have a great game idea but no possibility to develop it is now a chance. The Nexon Initiative intends to sponsor one or more game ideas with a total of $ 1 million. Behind the race is game developer Nexon, which made online games such as “Combat Arms” and “Maple Story”. Nexon calls first PC game that is well suited for multi-player online but welcome still more ideas. You can send in their concepts today, and the end of April is the last chance. After this, one or more winners to be appointed and contacted.